Sky Highlights

Sky ighlightsCD 1:

  • I Ain’t Beggin
  • Hold That Note
  • You Got Me Hooked
  • Don’t Move
  • Mutual Respect
  • Stop The Wars
  • Freddies Shuffle
  • Hard Working Man
  • Running In My Walking Shoes

CD 2:

  • Macho Woman
  • Fat Guitar
  • Heaven Sent
  • Jimi
  • Back On your Feet
  • Stompin’At The Pitz
  • Tune Me To Your Station
  • Little Bit Of Love
  • Restless Love
  • We Ain’t Getting Old

CD no.2 is called as ”Archive Y – Tracks From The Crypt” and consists largely of unreleased demomaterial and outtakes.

The Greatest Hits album – Highlights 78-98, is double-cd with over 2 hours of music; is Sky Highs album. According Clas Yngström who selected the material says that the collection on CD no.1 demonstrates the more rock and blues side of the Sky High.